Episode 26: The Tax Man’s Hand Is In Your Retirement Pocket

Jul 1, 2021

Through a series of 7 different podcasts, Tom talks about how to build your “financial house” for your retirement planning. This next podcast is episode 5 of the 7-part series.

Here are just a handful of the things that we'll discuss:

  1. Know your marginal tax bracket
  2. The difference between regular income and capital gains
  3. How you could pay excess Medicare premiums
  4. Take the MACRO not the MICRO approach to taxes
  5. Don’t get caught in the RMD trap
  6. Social Security income could likely be taxed
  7. Harvesting from the forever taxed IRA to the tax-free ROTH
  8. Don’t get caught by the widows penalty
  9. Tax laws are written in pencil



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